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The Chronicle write a special feature on the Brain Performance and Nutrition Research Centre

Last week we invited the Chronicle into the lab to write a special feature on our research. This was a really great opportunity to convey to readers how important their active involvement in the research process is; bluntly, without volunteers we would have no research!

The Brain Performance and Nutrition Research Centre (BPNRC) has been investigating how nutritional supplementation could improve performance and wellbeing in people for over 10 years under the Directorship of Professor David Kennedy and, more recently, Associate Directorship of Dr Philippa Jackson. "Nutrition is a fundamental factor influencing how we think and feel but we recognise that there are times when diet isn't optimal, when we might have to supplement it, and that's what we research"; Dr Emma Wightman (Senior Researcher in the BPNRC).

These findings could have some really important implications for our understanding of nutrition but there is a perception from some people that this type of research might be a bit impersonal, cold even. The report in the Chronicle was an attempt to dispel this myth; Mike really enjoyed his time as a mock-participant in our warm and welcoming lab with lab manager Jo Forster showing him the ropes, and to encourage more people in the North East to volunteer for research. Click on the picture to read the full story:

Mike Hughes and Jo Forster

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