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Lab layout
Securiy doors
Researchers lab
Testing lab
Testing lab
Meeting room
Clinical analysi lab

BPNRC lab facilities

Our lab facilities were purpose- built for the testing of nutritional interventions in humans and we do so in accordance with good clinical practice (GCP) guidelines. This secure unit comprises our staff offices, a comfortable waiting room for participants before and during testing procedures, a meeting room and 4 large (each capable of housing between 8-10 participants at a time) testing labs. Full-length sliding doors also allow these labs to be converted into 2 larger labs. The labs contain individual testing desks which are divided to allow visual isolation from other participants. Ear defenders can also be utilized to protect the concentration of participants during testing. Along the corridor we also have access to a clinical space where bodily samples can be taken and analysis of some biomarkers can take place. For more information on this please follow the below link to the 'measurement of human samples' page.

Waiting room
Bloods room
Nutrition kitchen
Sports lab
Sports lab
Portion control
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