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COMPASS screen
COMPSS task Corsi blocks
COMPASS screen

Computerised Mental Performance Assessment System (COMPASS)

Our key area of expertise is assessing the effects of nutritional supplements on cognitive function in humans; from children through to cognitively intact older adults. We do this using our own task delivery system:


The Computerised Mental Performance Assessment System (COMPASS) is a user-friendly platform for delivering cognitive tasks. This software was designed in-house to fit the unique needs of research in this area and is now available to purchase commercially. 




COMPASS currently comprises over 20 cognitive tasks; many based on traditional assessments, which measure attention, vigilance, working-, spatial- and secondary memory, executive function, mood and tasks which induce cognitive demand. These tasks have been well validated over the 10 yr development of COMPASS with hundreds of published journal articles evidencing their sensitivity to a range of nutritional interventions.

The COMPASS platform can be delivered via PC, laptop and a tablet version is currently in the final stages of development. 

If you have any questions about COMPASS, or would like to enquire about purchasing a licence for your own use, then please contact us.

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